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I loved this.
Well, most of it. As always, RicePirate's part was hilarious, and same as the rest.

Lilg's stuck out, as to me, i didnt find the animation as smooth as the other Authors.
Plus the Audio Quality didnt really appeal to me.

Still an amazing Collab.


From when you used a mouse, to now, you can see the difference in quality, and skill of your cartoon/animations, in Flash.
This was great.
Im the biggest Cakebomb Fan, and so far, this is the best Eddisode. Keep it coming Edd. Can't wait to see this on TV.


I loved it!
But there were a few things, like Masa said, that could of been improvged to make it an all-round 'better flash; first, some sound effects, i thought, didnt have to be used, i know its kinda that feel, but still, some could have been, A. quieter or B. Non-existent.

The character design was okay, and i liked it, but some of the scenes it didnt look entirely right. STILL, all round, i liked it.

SO A POINT OFF for those things, but was an all round good flash.

Joeylicious responds:

Alright, I'll keep these things in mind.
Thanks Jasper.

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May aswell review this while its under judgement.

This was an epic game. Hands down 10/10. Things like this keeping NG alive today.

This is a fantastic installment to Alice Is Dead!

This was great. i loved the art, voice, everything! The gameplay for me was like any other Point and Click adventure. Seeing that.. I play a few, i got a little bored. Oh well. It still was outstanding, and i probably my favourite Point and Click so far.


This was great .. 10/10. THe are was really good, same with programming. Its a fun game, and it is also original. I loved the preloader, and the basic controls.

Perfect, could not get better. 100% i'd love to see more.

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New Studio Working out good. ;)

That was so amazingly awesome. Like Beautiful in some respects.. Best piece of guitar ive haerd in a while.

Jazza responds:

the solo was MATT, and he thanks you :)

Loved it

Wow, fits perfect in Leo And Satan 3.

W. O. W.

Amazing and inspiring, if i were to sum it up with 2 words. This is the most amazing and lovely poem i have ever heard, and single handedly blew my brain with amazement.

i loved this poem so much. 100% perfect.

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Thats awesome! Ur one of my favourite artists here.. Keep up the great work!

sucho responds:

you are far too young to be looking around my gallery, staring at my intergalactic pigman asses.


'Just a drawing that i was thinking about....and this came out :3'

Wait dude ... You were thinking of dicks?

itsChrisLife responds:

i was thinking abt HARD work,and the 2 words formed this


I can't believe the quality of this! Wow im impressed ... Im sure this will get in :)

Good luck!

- Jasper

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks much brah- I hope it does :)



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